LifeKey Wearable Smart Strap

Color: Grey
Size: Medium
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Smart Straps are equal parts accessory and sophistication, and in this case, it can even save your life. Lifekey® holds important data and connects you with friends and family with just a tap. Our latest generation Smart Straps are waterproof, comfortable, and durable enough for every adventure in any condition. The best part? Smart Straps don't require batteries or charging to work.

Store and provide secure access to important info including blood type, allergies, medical conditions and other relevant data.

Tap with your smartphone to let family or friends know when you start/stop an activity like walking, running, sports and more.

Device and data are encrypted and can only be accessed by direct "tap" from a smartphone. Designed to be HIPAA compliant.

Contacts are notified whenever data on the device is accessed.

- Waterproof
- No batteries or charging
- No subscription required
- Powered by Lifekey® Tap® OS
- Compatible with smartphones running Android and iOS 11 or newer (iPhone 7 and above 


Bands are elastic, so they're stretchy!
X-Small 5.3 inches | 135mm (~Youth under 12)
Small 5.9 inches | 160mm (Fits snug on smaller wrists)
Medium 6.3 inches | 180mm (Fits most wrists)
Large 7.8 inches | 200mm (For larger wrists or looser fit)
Width: less than an inch | 25mm

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